About Us

Founded in 1995 by Bob Koehler and Dave Vanden Bloomen with two lawn mowers, a truck, and a trailer, Bob & Dave’s has become one of the largest lawn and landscape companies in the Fox Valley. We now have over 50 employees, and we service over 500 weekly commercial and residential sites. Our licensed and certified technicians will provide professional lawn and landscape care. Let our years of experience help enhance your home or business.

Thinking Green

We are also concerned about the state of our natural resources, so we have instituted an All Organic Lawn Care Program, which will give the customer a choice of being “Green Conscience.” And, of course, we provide a phosphorous-free fertilizer program. A large interest for Bob & Dave’s is using alternative fuel sources, of which we are gearing up to make change in the future.

Let Us Protect Your Investment

As we continue to grow, we focus on providing the highest quality services to our clients, hiring the best people in our field and continuing to improve ourselves. With our wide range of professional lawn care services, such as fertilization, weed control, insect control, dethatching, and aeration, our technicians can have your lawn looking thicker and healthier than you ever imagined.

Let our years of experience help enhance your home or business; contact Bob & Dave’s today or call us for a free estimate to see what we can do for you.

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